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Gmail Offers New Incentive to Undertake BIMI

A couple of years ago, Gmail announced support for Brand Indicators for Message Indicators (BIMI)—forever changing the game. Implementing BIMI can be a challenge for some senders, but if you want your emails to stand out in the inbox, consider adopting BIMI. BIMI has always provided 3 major benefits for senders: Increases brand impressions with […]

The Price-Efficient Option to Check BIMI

The average inbox is flooded daily with promotional emails, transactional emails, and personal emails. As a sender, you’re always looking for a unique way for your mail to stand out to help your subscribers interact with your messages. On top of that, people are very wary of falling victims to scams in their inboxes. So […]

What is BIMI? | Twilio SendGrid

With phishing, spoofing, and fraudulent emails on the rise, recipients are increasingly suspicious of messages in their inboxes. They have good reason to be: 60% of Americans claim they or a family member have been scam victims. That’s enough to make just about anyone paranoid. To add another layer of email protection (and to build […]

put together for the adoption of BIMI. in Gmail

After a one-year pilot project by BIMI (Brand indicators for message identification), Gmail has officially announced that it will be rolling out general support for BIMI to drive the adoption of stronger sender authentication. BIMI is an industry standard that seeks to increase the widespread adoption of email authentication in the ecosystem while also providing […]