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Google Explains Why They Eliminated The Affiliate Applications Spam Documentation

Last October, Google revamped its Google Webmaster Guidelines into Google Search Essentials and one part of that was to consolidate the previous pages on thin content and affiliate programs into the overall documentation. Lizzi Sassman from Google explained a bit more on why this was done. Lizzi said on Twitter, “the spam policy covers our […]

Google Explains Extra About Head Part & JavaScript

Last week we reported on a comment made by John Mueller of Google about the head section of your HTML and why you should keep it clean. John, on Friday, posted a mastodon thread explaining more about the head section and how search engines interact with it, especially if there is a lot of JavaScript […]

Is It Okay to Take Melatonin For Your Sleep? A Physician Explains The Dangers

I have been a doctor for over 20 years, 12 of which were dedicated exclusively to the practice of sleep medicine. Over the years, I have seen an enormous increase in the use of melatonin by my patients and their families. Although melatonin has helped many of my patients, there are some concerns that I […]

Guide Creator Philip Yancey Explains How To Discover Frequent Floor On Social Media

Close-up photo of hands and stacks of young people. A group of friends of various races gathered on the beach. … [+]Your hands are tied. getty The Internet was an open forum for discussing subtle differences of opinion. I’ve seen this myself countless times. You will get into heated discussion if you have a different […]

Pat Flynn explains how one can construct and monetize your on-line viewers

Time-limited savings: 60% discount on our social media books Use code SOCIAL2021 by 05/27/21 to get these books for less. Save 60% now October 8, 2021 2 min reading time The opinions of entrepreneurs’ contributors are their own. Do you know your audience or you won’t have an audience. While this is a true and […]

Is renting a waste of cash? Ramit Sethi explains

I know, I know. You have been told that you are “throwing away money on rent.” Someone in your life made you feel guilty for not buying a home or building equity. And let me guess, you said something like, “Ugh, I just hated paying someone else’s rent!” To the right? There is only one […]