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Not All Googlebots Use Similar Rendering Engine & Render JavaScript

John Mueller of Google said not all Googlebots use the same rendering engine, in fact, not all Googlebots need to do rendering John added. So while the main desktop and mobile Google search crawlers, the main Googlebots, do rendering and render JavaScript pretty well, not all the Googlebots do or need to. John said this […]

Google Explains Extra About Head Part & JavaScript

Last week we reported on a comment made by John Mueller of Google about the head section of your HTML and why you should keep it clean. John, on Friday, posted a mastodon thread explaining more about the head section and how search engines interact with it, especially if there is a lot of JavaScript […]

Google Notes Utilizing JavaScript For Hyperlinks Can Be Crawlable Too

Google has added a single “note” to the create crawlable links help documentation to say that links generated by JavaScript, where the link is visible, can be crawled by Google. Google added this line “Note that links are also crawlable when you use JavaScript to insert them into a page dynamically as long as it […]

HTML, JavaScript, apps, schema, crawling and machine studying

Here’s a fun podcast from Google co-workers John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and Martin Splitt on the future of SEO. The group talked about HTML, JavaScript, web app, structured data, crawling and machine-generated content and learning. In short, it didn’t sound like much was going to change in SEO in the near future, but maybe there […]