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Sound in Motion Brings Slander’s “The Thrive Tour” To A Sold-Out Crowd In Minneapolis

Home Business Magazine Online The fall season helps us to say goodbye to summer music festivals and hello to endless exciting indoor music events! Autumn is especially busy for the Twin Cities most trusted EDM event production company, sound in motion. Every weekend, Sound in Motion designs, plans, and produces electronic music events that attract […]

The Cure Debuted New Songs “Alone” And “Endsong” At European Tour Opener

The Cure kicked off their 2022 world tour in Latvia tonight, where they debuted two new songs and welcomed guitarist and keyboardist Perry Bamonte back into the band. (Bamonte played with the band from 1990 to 2005 and at their Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction in 2019.) Playing at the Arēna Rīga, the […]

Event Production Mastery: Sound in Motion Brings Zed’s Dead’s 2022 Deadbeats Tour to Minneapolis

Home Business Magazine Online Minnesota bass music lovers consistently have exciting show after exciting show to look forward to, thanks to sound in motion. As the Twin Cities’ go-to EDM event production company, Sound in Motion plans, produces, and orchestrates must-attend electronic music events every weekend without fail. They recently hosted Zed’s Dead’s 2022 Deadbeats […]

Event Production Feat: Sound in Motion Hosts deadmau5’s “We Are Friends” Tour in Minneapolis

Home Business Magazine Online If you are looking to break into the EDM event production industry, it is vital to attend a lot of shows and analyze how the experts orchestrate everything. And if you are in the Twin Cities region, the best company to look up to is sound in motion. Every weekend, they […]

Event success: Sound in Motion goes “Above & Beyond” for the Minneapolis Adjunafamily Reunion Tour Show

Home Business Magazine Online If you want to host a successful music event, it is imperative to make sure that the sound system, production elements and advertising are top notch before the show. Just ask Sound in motion, the undisputed top dogs of the Twin Cities in the EDM event production scene. Last week the […]

Event Success: Sound in Motion’s Deadbeats Tour Show steals the Twin Cities nightlife highlight

Home Business Magazine Online Sound in motion did it again! Sound in Motion, known as the undisputed leader in EDM event production for the Twin Cities, brought another must-see show last weekend at The Armory in downtown Minneapolis. They hosted the Minnesota leg of the highly anticipated Deadbeats Tour, with Dubstep Heavy Hitters Zeds dead, […]

A tour into the world of Instagram internet affiliate marketing

Are you aware? the World that existsts within the rich from Instagram called Instagram Affiliate Markating? Well, sit back and relax because I’ll do it tell You all about it. As a thorough Instagram is one of the Top trend social ihe is a platformS. what packs the attention of hundrets of Millions of people, […]