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Excessive hopes for Jah Cure

Jah Cure Chief executive officer of Shocking Vibes Production, Patrick Roberts, says the probability of Jah Cure ‘striking gold’ behind prison walls for a second time is high. His sentiments come ahead of the singer’s 11-track album, Undeniable, set for release in February. “I definitely think it will be a success. [However,] this shouldn’t be […]

The Cure – Dwell in Leeds Area sixth December 2022 • TotalRock

Words: Diamond Dave Images: Getty Images After support band, The Twilight Sad, leave the stage of this sold out show, there are no tunescoming from the PA or a DJ encouraging the crowd to dance, only the sound of a thunder storm andstrobe lights flicking like lightning which seems just perfect. Robert Smith stalks the […]

Jah Cure To Launch ‘Undeniable’ Album From Behind Prison Walls

Reggae singer Jah Cure will be releasing his ninth studio album from behind prison walls next February via VP Records. The 11-track set is titled Undeniable and features collaborations from upcoming Haitian female artist Kalyan Arnold and Ghanaian Afropop star Stonebwoy. Back in September 2021—before the singer, 43, was arrested for attempted murder and later […]

4 Efficient Residence Treatments To Remedy Repeated Sneezing

With the change in season and the arrival of winter, allergies have become increasingly common. Repeated sneezing, a common symptom of various allergies, is the body’s reaction to irritants and a way for the nose to get rid of germs. Almost any particle can irritate the nose and cause you to sneeze. According to MedicalNewsToday, […]

Is NeoWave The New Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction?

    We love future predictions….although not every prediction doing the rounds is music to our ears. Medical researchers estimate that 322 million men will experience erectile dysfunction (ED) in the next three years. It seems the ED is on the rise – at an alarming rate. The prediction, based on two studies in the last 20 […]

The Cure Debuted New Songs “Alone” And “Endsong” At European Tour Opener

The Cure kicked off their 2022 world tour in Latvia tonight, where they debuted two new songs and welcomed guitarist and keyboardist Perry Bamonte back into the band. (Bamonte played with the band from 1990 to 2005 and at their Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction in 2019.) Playing at the Arēna Rīga, the […]

Can You Treatment Insomnia By way of Exercising Recurrently?

Yoga has been proven helpful in reducing insomnia symptoms Insomnia is one of the most commonly known sleeping disorders. This sleeping condition causes a severe lack of sleep. Someone who suffers from insomnia is unable to sleep properly. An insomniac (a person that suffers from insomnia) may have trouble falling asleep, trouble sleeping for long […]

How IV Drip Luggage Grew to become the Secret “Hangover Treatment” of Bachelor Party America

I recently caught up with a old acquaintance who’s getting married this fall. He’d had his bachelor’s party the weekend before, and I asked for details. “The usual stuff,” he said. “It was in Austin. We all got IV drips before heading down, had lots of beers and BBQ, one night got a little crazy.” […]

A ‘Grasp’ Change Gene Might Result in the Remedy for Age-Associated Listening to Loss

The next time you’re jamming to your favorite Taylor Swift song, you can thank thousands of tiny cells inside of an organ in your inner ear called the cochlea. These are known as hair cells—not because it’s actually hair but because they look like hairs under a microscope. They’re responsible for collecting and relaying sounds […]

Adam Strauss of THE MUSHROOM CURE & ADAM STRAUSS IS NOT UNHAPPY at The Marsh Berkeley Embraces Radical Uncertainty

Adam Strauss performs The Mushroom Cure at The Marsh Berkeley(photo by Michael Courier) Despite his struggles with OCD, actor/playwright Adam Strauss clearly wants us to know that he is okay. Why else would he title his new solo piece “Adam Strauss Is Not Unhappy”? Strauss is currently performing that show in repertory with a return […]