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7 AI Email Assistants That’ll Be Your Greatest Buddies in 2023

History is filled with examples of personal assistants that made a huge impact. There was Marcus Tullius Tiro, who invented a form of shorthand writing in ancient Rome that was extensively used for more than a thousand years. Or Marguerite LeHand, who was such an incredible assistant on Franklin D. Roosevelt’s team that she was […]

4/20 Specials that’ll remedy your munchies & quench your thirst

Celebrate local businesses with these dope deals Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, here are a few specials and events to attend with your best buds on Wednesday, April 20. 4th Avenue Deli 425 N. Fourth Ave. From 11 a.m. – 7 p.m., the deli is throwing in chips and a drink for just […]

A Framework That’ll Help You Influence, Interact, and Join

We instinctively use stories to understand the world around us and to influence one another. Stories give meaning to our ideas and experiences. I teach, speak and write on the topic narrative intelligence, this is the idea that stories are the most powerful tool we have for changing behavior. I know the impact stories can […]

15 Best Sales Tools That’ll Actually Enhance Your Revenue in 2021

Selling anything is hard — well, depending on what you’re selling and how you’re selling it. In most cases, the process gets much simpler if you’re equipped with the right sales tools. That’s why business owners always look for solutions that’ll help them fill up their pipelines with leads, increase reps’ efficiency, and finally increase […]