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Use This Framework to Craft a Highly effective Brand Positioning Statement

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The most important thing you could do for your startup is to focus on your brand positioning. But often, startups do not treat it with the care with which they treat general marketing, go-to-market and product development work. A well-defined brand positioning statement will give you clarity […]

How to Build a Personal Model (Utilizing A Easy Framework)

In a study to understand why certain individuals (called “Visible Experts”) suddenly rose to become top voices in their fields, Hinge Marketing found that most of them were no more skilled or talented than others in their profession. What did make them different was how they communicated their work. At its core, that’s what personal […]

A Framework That’ll Help You Influence, Interact, and Join

We instinctively use stories to understand the world around us and to influence one another. Stories give meaning to our ideas and experiences. I teach, speak and write on the topic narrative intelligence, this is the idea that stories are the most powerful tool we have for changing behavior. I know the impact stories can […]