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Prospects Gradual Spending at Starbucks, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut

In January, economists warned that customers would spend less at places like fast food chains as rising inflation drives up the prices of necessities — and earnings reports released this week show those predictions might have come true. McDonald’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and KFC all reported lower-than-expected sales this week. “Clearly everybody’s fighting for fewer […]

Bing DALL-E 3 Went Stay On The Weekend However It Was Painfully Slow

Microsoft launched DALL-E 3 in Bing Chat late on Friday night and went it went live, it just stalled. It took a really long time for Bing Chat to create images using DALL-E 3 after it went live. Microsoft’s Mikhail Parakhin announced the launch on X on Friday afternoon, saying, “Rolling out DALL-E 3 in […]

Do not Sluggish Your Website Down To Enhance Time on Website For Google search engine marketing

I spotted Google’s John Mueller laughing at a LinkedIn post that is telling SEOs to slow down webpage load time so that people spend more time on your page. The advice says that Google uses time on website as a ranking factor, which Google had denied countless times, and says to improve time on website, […]