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2024 Facebook Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet [ALL FORMATS]

Social media platforms are always changing, right? So what’s the best Facebook ad size to use in 2024? The truth is… it depends. Facebook offers four main types of ads: Image Video Carousel Collection Each of these categories has many different placement options, from the main Facebook news feed to Reels video ads and everything […]

Google Search Deals Carousel & Deals Product Grid Codecs

Google Search can show deals in both a product carousel format and a product grid-type of format. Some of these I think were somewhat showcased last November but over time, they may evolve. Here is a screenshot of Google showing me deals in both a carousel format and in a product grid format: Here are […]

Google is testing new visible tales codecs

Apparently, Google is testing new layouts and formats for the visual stories, formerly AMP stories. Brodie Clark has some screenshots of the new designs on. divided Twitter. Here is the original format from years ago: Most people these days see this four-pack grid layout: But Google is also testing a three-pack grid: And this carousel: […]