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2024 Facebook Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet [ALL FORMATS]

Social media platforms are always changing, right? So what’s the best Facebook ad size to use in 2024? The truth is… it depends. Facebook offers four main types of ads: Image Video Carousel Collection Each of these categories has many different placement options, from the main Facebook news feed to Reels video ads and everything […]

Google Search Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

Do you know how to narrow your Google Search down to a specific website or location, or how to search for certain file types across the web? If you know the right operators, you can use Google in a range of different ways, which can make it much easier to find the best matches, while […]

What Is an NFT? 2023 Cheat Sheet for Entrepreneurs

In 2021, NFT users doubled to about 550,000and the market value of NFTs grew by 37,000%. NFTs are now on $11 billion USD industry and growing everyday. So, are NFTs the next big monetization opportunity for creators and brands? Executives at most popular social media platforms seem to think so. Meta recently expanded digital collectibles […]

Social Media Image Sizes for Each Community [2022 CHEAT SHEET]

Social media image sizes seem to change constantly. One moment you have the perfect cover page for your account. The next, it’s been resized and looks all pixelated and wrong. It doesn’t help that information about official dimensions and image sizes is harder to find than a civil discussion on politics on Facebook. But, it’s […]