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Google Ads Now Lets You Apply A Advice As An Experiment In The Experiments Web page

Google Ads announced that you can now apply a recommendation as an experiment in the Experiments page. This allows you to more efficiently “in as few as two clicks, you can set up an experiment where you compare your base campaign to a trial campaign which will have the recommendation applied,” Google said. Google said […]

I Tried Instagram Automation (So You Don’t Have To): An Experiment

Has the elusive unicorn of Instagram automation ever tempted you? We can’t blame you. Instagram automation software sites paint a pretty picture of your phone blowing up organically with likes and comments. Your social media scales effortlessly while you sit back and relax. Brands like Nike, NASA, and whoever runs Obama’s social networks are beginning […]

We’re one AI and brainwave experiment away from x-ray imaginative and prescient

The future is here, and it is every bit as cool and creepy as you might have hoped. X-ray vision has always been pretty far down on my list of superpowers I’d like to possess, far behind time travel and reading minds. But x-ray vision might be closer to reality than the other options, and […]