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Oil Spills and Leaks: Effects on the Environment

Oil Spills and Leaks: Effects on the Environment | Bobby Lee Koricanek The oil used in our machines, automobiles, and industries is typically located far beneath the surface of the Earth, in the middle of the ocean. Thousands of tons of oil can leak into the environment if oil rigs or apparatus break down. The […]

Self-care is feasible at SMDC: Mindfulness coach shares expertise residing in an setting that’s good for her well-being

(Manila, Philippines) — One’s environment can affect one’s mental health. Your living space can either make you feel happy, or increase your stress levels. For those who practice mindfulness, they find that it’s very important to live in a home that brings them joy and inspires them to pursue their passions. For 42-year-old mindfulness coach […]

Niche pets might be oh so cute, however your private home atmosphere could kill them

Ti Gong Deng Yingya became fascinated by angora ferrets after seeing them in online videos, so she bought one from a pet shop in Putuo District and named it Kai Kai. Bred at a Scandinavian facility, the mammal has a face similar to that of a hamster and is 30-50 centimeters long. Owners praise the […]