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Google On When Particular Characters Do not Work In Search

Gary Illyes from Google explained how Google Search may or may not handle special characters within Google Search. He explained this in the latest Google SEO office hours at the 16:10 mark. Gary was asked, “How does Google handle special characters like the superscript e in search results.” For example, a Latin letter E with […]

Google Updates URL Construction Pointers With Supported Characters

Google has updated its URL structure guidelines to specify what characters Google Search supports in URLs. The introduction paragraph now leads off by saying, “Google supports URLs as defined by RFC 3986. Characters defined by the standard as reserved must be percent encoded. Unreserved ASCII characters may be left in the non-encoded form. Additionally, characters […]

How to Write Female Book Characters

If you’ve spent any amount of time in online reading or writing circles, you’ve probably come across posts like this titled ‘X Times Men Didn’t Know How to Write Female Characters,’ each featuring screenshots of tragically sexist prose. Or maybe you, like me, were forged in the unforgiving fires of 2012-era Tumblr and have seen […]

Twitter’s Planning to Prolong Long-Form Tweets to 10k Characters

Have you noticed those super-long tweets, hidden behind the ‘Show more’ indicator, appearing in your Twitter feed? Want to see even longer tweets? If you answered yes, you’re in luck, because Elon Musk says that longer long tweets, up to 10k charactersare coming soon to the app. To recap, the current long-form tweets, now available […]

Totally different Sorts of Characters in a Story

When you’re writing, you have different tools and components at your disposal—plot, structure, character, theme, etc. You manipulate these things to make your work the best it can be, and having a good understanding of how all of these components work means you can move them around with intention. Characters are sort of like pawns. […]