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Metro Leisure carving out a distinct segment for itself in tea tourism with Theme Resorts – The Island

Metro Leisure, the travel arm of Metro Group of Companies of Colombo-06 recently ventured on another tour with a group of domestic travellers to the hills.The holidaymakers enjoyed a well-earned holiday at one of the newest concept hotels in the country, the salubrious ‘ Tea and Experience Factory’ operated by Theme Resorts Ltd in misty […]

Google Search Settings Not Sticking; Darkish Mode Switching To Mild Theme

There are numerous complaints in the Google Search community forums that the Google Search settings are not sticking. The most obvious example is when you have the dark theme set and Google toggles you to the light theme. But other settings are not sticking for some searchers as well, such as the region setting. Google’s […]

Google Search Darkish Theme Bug Will get Caught

There seems to be a bug that Google is working on where some searchers are getting left in the dark. Well, stuck in Google’s dark mode or dark theme setting and unable to go back to light theme. Google’s community manager, Minhaj K., said it is investigating the reports of this issue. There are numerous […]

Google says utilizing the identical web site theme on a number of web sites is ok

Do you want to use the same design theme on multiple websites? Well, Google’s John Mueller said it was okay to do this, in fact he said many websites share a similar or same topic. The question was: “Does code duplication affect SEO? I used my CSS classes from domain” A “for domain” B “, […]