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The New AI Powered Microsoft Bing Is Actually Spectacular & Thought Out

Yesterday I was at the Microsoft office with dozens of other media folks (lots of famous YouTubers also) for Microsoft to showcase its next evolution of Bing, the co-pilot for the web powered by the upgraded ChatGPT. I should start by saying the leaks were accurate representation of this but the demos were far more […]

Podcast – Biotech Preneur – Elyse Dickerson drives distinctive and spectacular development story

Home Business Magazine Online Interview with tech leader and CEO Elyse Dickerson Have you ever dreamed of working with the right team and building a breakout company in the fast-changing technology industry? Elyse Dickerson did just that. She is the co-founder and CEO of Eosera Inc. (https://eosera.com), a women-owned biotech company headquartered in Dallas Fort […]

4 spectacular advantages of expertise advertising – ShoeMoney

Experience marketing is one of the most dynamic forms of marketing. But with so much emphasis and push on digital marketing, experience marketing has been forgotten by many. The truth is that experience marketing offers a more personal experience for your prospects and customers. If you have mastered the art of making your business stand […]