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Email Personalization With First-Social gathering Data

Every marketing email you send has to compete with all the other promotions and newsletters in the recipient’s inbox. This is why email marketers spend so much time thinking about how to stand out among the competition and engage recipients. Email personalization is an increasingly important way for your messages to stand out—in fact, 57% […]

7 Ways to Collect First-Celebration Data After the Cookies Vanish

Third-party cookies are going stale, but the online oven is heating up for first-party data. woof For some reason, we marketers can’t avoid a painfully “good” pun when it comes to third-party cookies. Maybe we’re hungry? Or perhaps we’ve just got to sneak in an awkward dad joke every once in a while? So please, […]

Sales concentrating on: Successful By way of First-Celebration Research

We’re all well aware of the stereotypical sales and marketing divide: Marketing generates a ton of leads, and sales convert only a small handful of them. Sales complain that the leads are of poor quality; marketing complains that sales aren’t doing a good enough job of nurturing each lead through the sales funnel. The truth […]