Mark Saltarelli On Begin Up Campaigns and B2B Marketing with Demand Generation

Mark Saltarelli used to work at Cypress North for a couple of years but wanted to go in-house and joined Order, a later-stage startup. We spoke a bit about his history in digital marketing, first working at Toast, then FullFunnel, then Cypress North, and then where he is now at Order.

We spoke a bit about the issues working with a super early-stage SaaS startup. Such as the company not fully understanding yet who the customer is or should be. Also, early-stage products have a lot of bugs and issues, which can be upsetting. Then CEOs and Founders can be very opinionated about how they should market their products and not want to listen to advice from an expert. So he was done working with these super early start-ups.

Working with start-ups, especially in-house, you need to be ready to pivot. Pivoting is part of the start-up world, and you need to be ready to pivot with the product, with the customers, and with the overall business. But he said that can be frustrating.

B2B Marketing & Demand Generation Through Funnels:

We then talked about business-to-business marketing through demand generation and tracking the conversions through the funnel. Mark told us how to optimize campaigns through the customer purchase cycle during multiple states of that cycle. He builds out campaigns using his CRM and marketing automation platforms to see on the keyword level how many leads that keywords drive and how those may convert to different levels of the customer buying journey.

Matt provided some pretty cool examples of this through a case study. We spoke again about how great performance max is working with Google Ads. Sometimes people search for weird things, and he said smart bidding could help a lot here. Matt also gets into the weeds with remarketing; he is a big fan of using that in this process.

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