Google Mentioned You Can Ignore Spammy Hyperlinks Even When The Entire Penalized Website Is Redirected To Yours

Google’s advice since Penguin 4.0 was that you don’t need to disavow links since the links are neutralized (devalues ​​vs demotes) and don’t end up helping or hurting you. In short, Google ignores those links. This even applies to when someone redirects a site that was penalized for spammy links to your site, said John Mueller of Google.

John was asked, “does your advice regarding ignoring bad links pointing to your site (and no need to disavow), also apply if someone redirected to an entire website that is penalized or has spammy links to your site?” Hey replied on Twitter with one word – “Yes.”

So yes, this also applies when someone redirects a spammy website to your site.

Here are those tweets:


— John Mueller is mostly not here 🐀 (@JohnMu) December 21, 2022

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