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What’s the Difference Between Ad Fraud vs Click Fraud?

What’s the Difference Between Ad Fraud vs Click Fraud? Over $600 billion was spent on PPC ads in 2023. With this huge volume of revenue bad actors continue to manipulate ads to make money using fraudulent practices. While you might have heard the terms ad fraud and click fraud, and perhaps used them interchangeably, they […]

How We Can Win the AI Arms Race Towards Fraud

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more sophisticated, it’s not just businesses and consumers who benefit. Fraudsters also exploit AI to outmaneuver programmatic advertising platforms and siphon significant advertising spending. This manipulation drains financial resources and undermines the integrity of digital advertising ecosystems. The rise of programmatic platforms […]

Man Faces $70M Medicare Fraud Scheme Charges

A Mississippi man has been charged with multiple offenses relating to $70 million Medicare fraud by the Justice Department. An indictment was unsealed in Tampa last week for Joel Rufus French, 46, who appeared when summoned in Oxford, Mississippi. The FBI Tampa Field Office and HHS-OIG are investigating the case. Man charged with millions of […]

The Role of Vulnerability Assessments in Organic Fraud Prevention

The Role of Vulnerability Assessments in Organic Fraud Prevention Organic food products have gained immense popularity in recent years due to the increasing health concerns and demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly options. However, with the rise in demand for organic food, there has also been a corresponding increase in fraud cases involving fake or […]

New Coverage For Google Ads Round PII & Monetary Fraud, Identification Theft, Dangerous Direct Contact Or Harassment

Google Ads announced a new policy that will go into effect on June 1, 2022. This policy is an update to the inappropriate content policy that has existed for some time. The new policy will prohibit content that shares personally identifiable information that promotes financial fraud, identity theft, harmful direct contact, or harassment. Google said […]

Casino Gambling Fraud

Home Business Magazine Online Casinos have gained great popularity with the people. They are packed with lots of fun and entertaining games. In the past, only ground based casinos were played for pleasure, but now with the advent of various technologies, online casinos have also reached their peak of popularity. You can now play these […]