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How to Generate Leads in Real Estate: 22 Foolproof Ideas

There’s way more to real estate than showing houses and negotiating deals. In addition to understanding the latest market trends and knowing your way around numbers, you also need to be a savvy marketer. And if you want to keep your client pipeline full, you need to know how to generate leads in real estate. […]

Ecommerce Discount Technique: A Practically Idiot-Proof Information

Discounts have been part of the selling process since the times our ancestors traded sharp sticks for pretty seashells. Care for a bigger stick order? Perfect, have a free amber piece for the wife. And now we’re stuck with discounts for good. To this day, there are a few proven ways to approach discount pricing […]

8 Foolproof Methods for TikTok Newbies in 2022

The power of TikTok should no longer be underestimated. At this point, brands should know that TikTok is here to stay. As TikTok hit a monumental 1 billion active users last year, it’s already an indication that short-form video content is not going away anytime soon. TikTok is poised to surpass Facebook and Instagram in […]