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Measurement Of Your H1 & Header Fonts Does not Matter For search engine marketing, Stated Google

Google’s John Mueller said that the size of your header tags, ie H1s, H2s, etc, does not matter for SEO or ranking purposes. John said it might matter for users and conversions but for SEO, nope. John was asked “would google deem huge heading font size as a sign of “overdoing it”, thus lower quality?” […]

19 Best Email Fonts That Will not Let You Down in 2022

Your emails are a collection of sentences and words. Words are a collection of characters, and characters are a collection of email fonts. That’s why you need to put the same amount of time and attention toward your email fonts as you do your copywriting—it’s the foundation of your messages. However, not all fonts are […]

Load Fonts Quick

At Buffer, we are constantly experimenting with ways to improve our products and try new ideas. We recently started Home page, a beautiful, flexible, and mobile-optimized landing page that you can create in minutes and update in seconds. As a software engineer on the Buffer team, I’ve tackled a long list of fun projects, including […]