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SMTP Error Codes: What Do These Server Responses Imply?

Not sure what an SMTP error code means? You’re not alone. It can be shocking and confusing to see SMTP errors sometimes, and we want to eliminate the confusion with a quick and easy explanation. Below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about SMTP error codes, including short explanations of common ones you’ve likely […]

Serving Two HTTP Consequence Codes? Google Will Choose First One.

Google’s John Mueller was asked at the 1:20 mark in Friday’s Google hangout about serving two or more HTTP result status codes. If you serve two more more, which does Google Search decide to use? The answer is generally the first, the first HTTP result code would be used. The question was “It is theoretically […]

Google Search With Coupon Codes In Purchasing Outcomes

Google is showing coupon codes that you can click on to “view code” and then that will show the code that you can copy and paste into the checkout page at the merchant to get the discount. This seems to be powered by Google the Merchant Center promotions feature (help document here). Valentin Pletzer notified […]