Newest From Google’s John Mueller On Utilizing AI To Write Content material

So far, Google’s official stance on using AI to write content is just fine, assuming that content was not written to manipulate the search results. If the content is useful, helpful and quality, it doesn’t matter if a machine wrote it or a human. But John Mueller of Google doesn’t seem too positive about the current state of AI writing great content.

At least, that is my take on the recent posts from John Mueller on the topic. Here are some quick statements John has made on the topic. Keep in mind, some of these are responses to SEOs looking to use AI to take shortcuts and potentially manipulate the Google search results, or at least it can be taken as such. So John has to somewhat lean on the side of caution in his replies.

It’s like food with only 20% toxic chemicals? Sounds tasty.

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20% toxic sounds bad…

If you had an important legal case, would you want your lawyer to use chat gpt and Google translate to make the argument before the judge?

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You don’t want to put your legal case in the hands of AI…

On mastodon:

Johnmui Ai Response Mastodon

Those are just some of the statements from John recently on the topic of using AI for SEO purposes. Again, it seems to be he is somewhat not too positive on it.

Honestly, I don’t blame him. Some of the stuff coming from ChatGPT, Bing Chat and even worse, Google Bard have been pretty bad. These AI tools can simply make up facts and get things wrong. So, sure, use it to help you create your content, but you better edit these pieces and research the responses before posting it on your site.

But as a reminder, Google’s Danny Sullivan reiterated that when it comes to AI content, Google is fine with it, as long as the content is useful and written for people. If you are using AI to write spam, then that is against Google’s guidelines. But Google also added a new section to the people-first content section on “who, how and why” with your content.

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