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It’s that time of the month again that I post the Google Monthly Webmaster Report. This last month has been filled with several unconfirmed google updates – No I am not crazy. Google told us that Penguin not only ignores spam links, it can distrust the whole page. After over a year, Google Updated the Search Quality Assessment Guidelines with many new updates.

Google has also published revised help documents to titles and descriptions and give us a new term – the title link. Google Search Console has updated its API with more support. The Google Search Console actually had a number of updates, all of which are documented below.

Google rolled out continuous scrollingwhich, by the way, does not directly affect the Search Console reports or the Google Ads reports. Lots of unedited internal google docs popped up and google is doing it looks super nasty. Plus so much more, including a number of SEO topics to check out, local changes, UI changes, and so much more.

Google search results are pretty calm right now – is it the calm before the Google core update storm?

If you missed that Report from October 2021 make up for it there.

Here’s what you missed in the last month:

Updates to the Google algorithm:

Google SEO: Google Search Console: Google User Interface: Google Maps & Google My Business: Google Misc:

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