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Lars Ulrich ‘Could not Heal’ Dave Mustaine’s ‘Ache’ During Filming Of ‘Some Kind Of Monster’ Scene

METALLICA‘s “performance coach” Phil Towle, a former psychotherapist who was brought into the picture in January 2001 to help James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich repair their relationship with Jason Newsted, was interviewed on the latest episode of the METALLICA-centric podcast “…And Podcast For All”. During the chat, Towle was asked about one of […]

Joseph Goldsmith on video manufacturing, vlog enhancing, and filming

This is a very special vlog, I interviewed the exact person who edited these videos for the past few years, Joseph Goldsmith. And we did it with a view of the George Washington Bridge, from Fort Lee Historic Park, with a view of New York City. In the first part of the vlog, I ask […]