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Altering Our Engineering Mindset to Grow to be Builders Once more

I’ve been working at Buffer since 2014, and even before I joined, I was always impressed by the Buffer team’s product and engineering culture: how quick they shipped improvements and how close everyone was to the users (not uncommon to see engineers responding to comments on Twitter!). I found that “can-do” attitude inspiring and contagious, […]

Inaspect Our Engineering Mentorship Program and How It Helps Our Engineers Develop

Our engineering team is the largest team at Buffer. It has many moving parts and is made up of several smaller teams. As with any large team, we want to make sure that no individual is short of guidance or the opportunity to grow. In this post, I’m going to share a little more about […]

An Trustworthy Look into our Engineering Workforce Engagement Survey

It’s been a busy season for our engineering, product and design teams at Buffer – what we collectively refer to as EPD. In the last eight months alone, we have hired a Chief Product Officer for the first time, promoted a team member to the first VP of Design, completely revised and restructured the organization […]