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Google Says If Your Utilizing A CDN Or Cloud Internet hosting Service, Set Up Routine Exams To Guarantee Googlebot Is Not Being Blocked

Gary Illyes from Google loves posting his PSAs on Mastodon. His next PSA is that if you are using a CDN or cloud hosting service, then make sure to test up a routine test to ensure that the service is not blocking Googlebot or other search engine crawlers that you want to crawl and index […]

Google Says No search engine optimisation Profit To Internet hosting On A CDN

Google’s John Mueller was asked if there is an SEO benefit to hosting on a CDN, a content delivery network. The short answer is no, as long as your host is fast, then you are fine – there is no added benefit to hosting on a CDN. John Mueller added that if your crawl activity […]

Google typically has completely different crawling budgets / capacities to your photographs / information on a CDN

Google’s John Mueller has confirmed that for websites that host their images (or probably other files) on an external CDN, as we do here, Google will have separate server capacity (perhaps crawl budget) for your domain and the domain of the CDN . Like the image above, it’s hosted on AWS and isn’t on that […]