Google’s John Mueller No Longer Recommends Verifying All Search Console Property Varieties

Google’s John Mueller is no longer recommending you verify all the variations of your domain with Google Search Console. Instead, he said, keep it simple and verify using domain verification.

Why is he no longer recommending you verify all the property types, www, non-www, HTTP, https, etc? Because he said on Reddit, “in practice you’ll probably never look” at those other verified properties. Truth is, he is right, I only look at my domain property and I never look at the others at this point.

When I migrated from HTTP to HTTPS, having both verified was fun to watch but outside of that, I didn’t look.

I am sure detailed SEO experts will likely still like to have all possible domain options verified individually with Search Console but like John said, the average user won’t look at them all.

John wrote, “I used to recommend verifying them all just in case you need something there, but in practice you’ll probably never look. Also if you use domain verification, which i recommend, you could just add them whenever you need them. Tldr keep it simple”

Forum discussion at Reddit.

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