Microsoft Bing Makes use of New GPT-4 From OpenAI

Microsoft Bing confirmed minutes after OpenAI announced the new version of GPT, GPT-4, that Bing uses that upgraded model. Yusuf Mehdi from Microsoft said“We are happy to confirm that the new Bing is running on GPT-4, customized for search.”

In fact, Microsoft’s Bing Chat has been using GPT-4 for the past five weeks. “If you’ve used the new Bing preview at any time in the last five weeks, you’ve already experienced an early version of this powerful model,” Microsoft said.

GPT-4 can solve difficult problems with greater accuracy, thanks to its broader general knowledge and problem-solving abilities. GPT-4 is more creative and collaborative than ever before. It can generate, edit, and iterate with users on creative and technical writing tasks, such as composing songs, writing screenplays, or learning a user’s writing style.

Yusuf Mehdi added, “If you’ve used the new Bing in preview at any time in the last six weeks, you’ve already had an early look at the power of OpenAI’s latest model. As OpenAI makes updates to GPT-4 and beyond , Bing benefits from those improvements to ensure our users have the most comprehensive copilot features available.” Jordi Ribas said on Twitter“confirming that the next-gen model Bing uses in Prometheus is indeed OpenAI’s GPT-4 which they just announced today.”

If you have access to the new Bing and Bing Chat experience, you can try it there. Or you can try it on ChatGPT Plus. There is a lot of coverage of this news on Techmeme and I covered it at Search engine country yesterday.

Here is how it looks in ChatGPT Plus:


β€” Pedro Dias (@pedrodias) March 14, 2023

I find it funny how this came shortly after the Google AI announcementslike last time with Bard and Bing going at it.

β€” Mordy Oberstein πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ (@MordyOberstein) March 14, 2023

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