Google Testing In Retailer Close by Native Outcomes That Increase In Collapsible Menu

Just like when Google was testing expandable locations section that is in a collapsible menu in the Google Search results, now Google is testing an “in-store nearby” section that is expandable within a collapsible menu.

Here is a GIF of this feature in action, this was spotted by Saad AK on Twitter where it shows this “in store nearby” section, which is not newbut within an expandable menu, which is new.

So if Google is unsure if you really want in store nearby products based on your query, I guess Google can hide it in this collapsible menu and then open it if you so desire?

Here are more examples:

Example 2:

Sending to: @rustybrick SIR.

— Saad AK (@SaadAlikhan1994) June 21, 2022

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