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Why AI is the Subsequent Gamechanger in Email Marketing

32% of survey respondents already used AI and marketing automation for email messages and offers. And with technology like Chat GPT taking the digital world by storm, the number of organizations realizing the value of Artificial Intelligence is set to skyrocket in the coming years. But what does AI technology becoming more available mean for […]

“I’m satisfied this can be a complete game-changer”: Jean-Michel Jarre comes out punching for spatial audio

Pioneering electronic artist Jean-Michel Jarre has revealed that he believes 3D audio technologies are far superior to stereo in several interviews surrounding the release of his latest project, OXYMORE. Speaking with The Independent (opens in new tab), Jarre opened up on what he believes are the limits of stereo audio. “For decades we have had […]

Nonsurgical neutering: area of interest possibility or game-changer? – News

Sterilization implant launch in US eyed; research on gene-based approach advances Flynn Photo courtesy of Alli Berry Flynn, a 14-month-old border collie, received an implant between his shoulder blades six weeks ago that renders him infertile for about a year. Flynn’s behavior seemingly made him a perfect candidate for castration. As soon as the rambunctious […]