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5 ideas for rising an engaged viewers (ft. prime creators)

When you’re ready to shift from the learning to the growth phase of your creator journey, certain things need definition – who exactly your audience is, what exactly you say to them, and how exactly you get that information across. The definition of “growth” definitely varies, referring to audience size or revenue, or sponsorship slots […]

But How To Maintain Customers Engaged Anyway

A study with 2,000 people from the US and UK by Edit, a customer data specialist, and Kin + Carta, a digital transformation consultancy, reveals that more than a quarter (27.4%) of consumers now show no brand loyalty at all. Among the respondents, only 6% of consumers said they show loyalty to the e-commerce sector. […]

Study real-time advertising and marketing ideas and examples to maintain audiences engaged

Over the years, digital marketing grew from a new idea that companies are just beginning to understand, to the point where there are a plethora of strategies you can use to build your program. While this gives marketers a chance to delve deep into their organizations and finding the right approaches that will produce the […]