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How to Flip Workplace Conflict right into a Strategic Benefit

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In today’s business climate, the contrast between organizations that manage workplace conflict effectively and those that don’t is great. Organizations with neglected, ill-defined or immature conflict management approaches experience a host of undesirable effects, from reduced productivity and poor decisions to information suppression and gridlock. At times, […]

Might Gaza Conflict Flip X/Twitter Users To Meta’s Threads?

Meta’s Threads app has struggled to gain market share from its larger rival, X, despite a promising launch that quickly garnered 100 million signups. But, how the platforms combat misinformation about the conflict between Israel and Hamas could become a tipping point in boosting Threads’s traction. Twitter has a chance to benefit Threads Getty Images […]

X’s New Policy Stances are Being Put to the Take a look at With Israel Battle

X’s new, more “free speech” aligned approach to content moderation is being put to the test, with various groups seemingly now using X’s more lax enforcement processes to spread misinformation around the war in Israel, which was sparked by militant group Hamas launching a large-scale assault on Israeli citizens over the weekend. Amid rising tensions, […]

Russia Publicizes Partial Bans on Facebook Amid Escalating Ukraine Battle

With the conflict in Ukraine escalating by the hour, social media has become a key element in raising awareness, and connecting Russian and Ukranian citizens, along with the rest of the world, to real-time updates on the unfolding situation. But that just became harder, at least for Russian users, with the Russian Government restricting access […]