Google Search Timer & Stopwatch Cease Working

The Google countdown timer and stopwatch feature seem to have stopped working. It seemed the Google stopwatch stopped ticking on July 18th. This feature first came up in Google about a decade ago.

like this Aug 2013 I first noticed this feature and it temporarily stopped working in October 2013. Here is what it use to look like:

Google timer / stop watch

A search for set timer for 10 minutes or other variations would typically work but it currently does not.

Now, I just see search results and videos:

I spotted this at WebmasterWorld but it was first covered based on a bunch of complaints on Twitter:

Google removed the stopwatch and timer features.


— 🖤Nicole May💙 (@NicoleMay316) July 18, 2022

Google really removed the timer I use after using it for over a year. Bruh

— Rynami (@Nami_without_Ry) July 19, 2022

What happened to the google timer, and stopwatch? I used to just type “Online Timer or Stopwatch” and they were just google functions, now they are gone.

— PerspectiveEnd (@PerspectiveEnd) July 20, 2022

I mean, it’s all over Twitter. Hopefully, it’s a bug, I don’t understand why Google would remove the feature?

Danny Sullivan from Google will be checking on this:

I’ll check on it

— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) July 21, 2022

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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