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Earn as much as $30 per hour for doing Hospitality Gigs at Qwick

In this time of digitization, where the digital marketplace is full of freelancers with a set of technical skills, we often forget other job roles that have little to do with online jobs. Of course, we are talking about on-site jobs that require human contact. Specially temporary gigs like hospitality services. Whether it’s being a […]

Ziggy bows out, Madonna scares the pope and Dylan goes electrical: 50 gigs that modified music | Music

Billie Holiday Café Society, New York City, early 1939The 23-year-old Billie Holiday was mostly unknown outside the jazz loop when she began her 1939 residency at this liberal New York club. Her understated, delicately implacable debut of Strange Fruit, a terrifying depiction of lynchings in the south, made a unique new vocal sound famous worldwide. […]

Ways To Make Money From Home Complete gigs on-line

diploma Concerts or Micro-tasks has become one of the most popular means to Make money online. You can work from home and get paid to do tasks online. Millions of high school students and mothers who stay home graduate small jobs online in their spare time. You don’t need to spend a lot of time […]