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Triangle Strategy Evaluate – Niche Gamer

Before starting out Triangle Strategy review, let’s go back in time – it’s 1998 and you’ve just put Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre into your PlayStation. The tactics RPG just made its way to the west and you’re wondering if we’ll ever get another game like it. Or maybe it’s 2003 and your first foray into […]

Super Moon Pod Evaluate – Niche Gamer

Perhaps you’ve seen ads for the cheerfully touted “high-density zero-gravity beanbag” on YouTube or streaming services such as PlutoTV. I’ll fully admit that those ads got my curiosity up as I was looking for something that’s a little softer and more relaxing to chill out in when I don’t feel like sitting in my gaming […]

Why do smartphone video games attraction to a ‘area of interest’ gamer market?

When up-and-coming game developers like 11 Bit Studios decide to bring one of their most successful PC/console offerings (hit survival epic Frostpunk) to smartphones, you can be fairly sure that the mobile gaming market has become a big source of revenue for innovative tech companies like this. And the figures bear this out: research from […]