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In troubled South Africa, a boys’ choir offers trigger for hope

Winterton (South Africa) (AFP) – A hush grips the auditorium as the long-awaited concert by one of the world’s most renowned chorales gets underway. Wearing neatly-ironed shirts and white frills over royal-blue waistcoats, the Drakensberg Boys School Choir launches into Vivaldi’s “Gloria” and a collective thrill runs through the audience. The music and the dramatic […]

Houston Chamber Choir honors space medical professionals Saturday

Houston Chamber Choir Photo: Jeff Grass Photography Grief-stricken by the loss of his mother, Johannes Brahms had a quietly revolutionary idea: he would create a requiem, which by the 1860s was practically required for any serious composer, but turn the form on its ear by honoring the living rather than the dead. Thus was born […]