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RollerAds Marks 4th Birthday — Join the Celebration

Advertisement Good news, guys — RollerAds, a push-oriented ad network, celebrates its 4th birthday in October. Since its inception in 2019, the RollerAds crew has witnessed a heap of challenges, overcome them, and built a strong community of partners and friends. They do want to celebrate this data but with a twist — instead of […]

A Twin Celebration in June Advertising and marketing

June is not just about welcoming summer; it’s a goldmine for marketers, brimming with opportunities. At the forefront is Father’s Day, a celebration that pays homage to dads worldwide, allowing brands to tap into the deep emotional bonds we share with our family. Every year, consumers rush to find the perfect gift or experience to […]

22 Baby and Toddler Gifts Perfect for Any Celebration

Home Business Magazine Online As mom- and dadpreneurs, you have a lot on your plates. Celebrations of little ones are going to come up and it can be hard to find the time between running your business and attending to your family to find that perfect gift. You could spend hours parking and navigating stores […]

21 Hanukkah Writing Prompts for Reflection and Celebration

If you’re looking for Hanukkah writing prompts, you’ve come to the right place for some creative ideas. Every holiday season is a good time to reflect, think about the holiday you celebrate, why it matters to you, and come up with creative prompts for writing and reflection. Hanukkah is observed over the span of eight […]

A Once ‘Tattered Celebration’ That Has Retaken Its Place In The Nationwide Psyche

As part of an occasional series on how the end-of-year holidays are observed in our broadcast region, we talked to Eugen Tomiuc from RFE/RL’s Central Newsroom about the way Christmas is celebrated in Romania. Although the festival was suppressed in his country for several decades by a hard-line communist regime, Tomiuc says many centuries-old Romanian […]