How To Make Money Using Drones – A Guide

In this article I will share with you many ways in which you can make money using drones.

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Well no, it is in fact an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) also known as small unmanned aerial system (SUAS) and before you start visualizing funny extra terrestrial creatures with multiple heads , let me tell you it’s nothing else but the new cool gadget every one and their cousin wants to own in a jiffy , the veritable “drone”.

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This remote controlled aerial gadget which has opened up new, exciting avenues to make money using drones has given the imagination of a lot of today’s “cool” generation a new high, I mean literally and figuratively.

But did you know that the drone of today is not just another camera equipped remote controlled toy, but a sophisticated piece of machinery that can be quite effectively used for multiple purposes, including but not limited to making money!

So let us try and analyze the different easy, effective and sustainable ways of how to make money using drones.

How To Make Money Using Drones

I have been doing sustained research on how to make money using drones and have come up with the list of activities that are easy to set up, does not need a lot of regulatory clearances and are much in demand these days.

So much so, almost all commercial photographers these days offer drone photography as a part of their services.

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Imagine a cute picture of a family and their dog against the backdrop of a beautiful mountain. Now imagine the same picture from a 100 ft above, get the picture?

Well, aerial pictures have a certain intriguing perspective that makes the pictures interesting and unique. There is big market out there for pictures taken with hovering devices in the air, especially in sports, and other community events.

This is our number one and the most effective way to make money using drones and more people are already doing it than you imagine.

So ride high, get some clicks and make that moolah from the top, literally.

make money using drones

Low flying drones can be used as an excellent mobile advertising vehicle and can cover vast areas quickly and efficiently.

With increasing rentals on billboard spaces and print and visual media advertising becoming boring and repetitive, an advertising banner atop a drone is an excellent way to make money using drones and an extremely customizable and effective one.

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Although still taking baby steps, quite a few vendors are experimenting with delivery services through drones. It is more effective, economical and quicker than the surface delivery systems.

It is also a great way to make money using drones and with a little imagination and expertise can have you delivering small loads of stuff to different locations in good time and with great commercial benefits.

wedding video

From being an alien concept a few years ago, almost all weddings these days have drone pilots (yes, that’s what they call you!), many times multiple of them capturing the marriage videos from a height.

It gives a three dimensional liveliness to the whole ceremony and is quite versatile in terms of videography angles and locations.

This can most certainly be one of the most amazing ways to capture some stunning videos that will be cherished for years, as well as a great way to make money using drones.

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Resort / Hotel Advertising Videos

Some large resorts / hotels or amusement parks employ drones to capture still and moving images of their properties for advertising, especially since through aerial photography a large area can be covered and showcased effectively, especially in videos.

On most travel websites, the hotels put up these videos in their promotional videos online which are much more descriptive and engaging than the plain pictures or one-dimensional videos.

make money using drones

Security Services

Events that have high gatherings especially of the youth often require effective close circuit camera monitoring. The drone can take it to a higher dimension.

A lot of security and enforcement agencies including the police and investigative agencies use the services of unmanned aerial vehicles for crowd control, management and unmanned surveillance.

With some experience it can be a very effective way to make money using drones in private functions, parties, gatherings etc.

Drones can also be used in assisting people in surveillance and private investigations against a fee.

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