Home Business Magazine’s Spring Gifts Guide 2022 Part 2 of two

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Spring 2022 is officially here! As a result, home-based business owners and remote workers are “spring cleaning.” This season, it is out with the old and in with the new. This decluttering and upgrading applies not only to what is in the closets and garage. It also applies to what is in one’s home office. Home Business Magazine’s Spring Gifts Guide 2022 Part 2 of 2 gives you great ideas.

With spring, daylight is longer and the weather gets warmer. In addition, holiday decorations (for St. Patrick’s Day, easter, and Mother’s Day, to name a few) come out. It is time to find the perfect spring gifts for families, co-workers, friends, and your home office. Take a look at these wonderful gifts! (So ​​check out Home Business Magazine’s Spring Gifts Guide 2022 Part 1 of 2)

Home Business Magazine’s Spring Gifts Guide 2022 Part 2 of 2

Bedsure Bamboo Sheet Set

Photo Credit: Bedsure

These 100% Bamboo sheets are ideal for those with sensitive skin, as the bamboo fibers are incredibly soft. The sheets are also ideal for a restful night’s sleep, as they are breathable and thermoregulating, meaning they wick away any moisture to keep you cool and dry throughout the night.


Bedsure Bamboo Sheets are 100% Viscose made from Bamboo without any other added ingredients, which is more secure. This silky texture set adds a luxurious feel to your home and comes in various sizes and colors. MSRP: $59.99 to $89.99. Available at Amazon.

Gaoye Glasses

spring giftsPhoto Credit: Gaoye

Gaoye is a young and enthusiastic company built by friends and members from China, Italy, and America. Since 2016, they have made a name in the eyewear industry by offering quality yet affordable eyewear. Among the main unique selling points of Gaoye eyeglasses is that they stretch to fit a variety of face shapes comfortably and without feeling tight.


Gaoye Blue Light Glasses (best-rated blue light glasses on Amazon) features are:

    • Resin spring hinge frameIts ultra-light and flexible resin frame material ensures durability and comfortable long-term wearing.
    • 5-Pack of Blue Light Filter GlassesGaoye offers a set of five blue light filter glasses, so you have many options to choose which design to wear for the day.
    • Featured by Top Media Sites. These media websites include US Weeklyother Purewow.

MSRP: $22.99. Available at Amazon.

Bedsure Hybrid Foam Mattress Topper

spring giftsPhoto Credit: Bedsure
spring giftsPhoto Credit: Bedsure

Looking for the perfect mattress can be intimate, especially when you are unsure of what will enhance and create the most optimal night’s sleep. Whether you are purchasing a new home, moving to a first apartment, or looking to elevate your current mattress or a new one on the way, Bedsure’s Three Layered Hybrid Foam Mattress Topper caters to anyone’s needs with its versatile design.


This Bedsure mattress provides a reversible design with two sides of varying firmness and three areas of support in the inner workings of the mattress topper to cater to the contours of the body. The three layers consist of five different types of foam to ensure a restful night’s sleep providing overall softness, support, comfort, and a relaxing scent. This unique design allows the sleeper to situate the mattress topper in the best position to support their sleep, as no two sleeping styles are the same. MSRP: $179. Available at Amazon.

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