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6 Methods to Enhance Your Social Media Engagement with Email Advertising and marketing

Some social media evangelists will tell you that email marketing is dead. Of course, they’re wrong. Email is still a preeminent form of communication that gets marketing results that most other channels could only dream of. It’s cost-effective, customizable, easy to use, builds connections, and, most importantly, spurs your audience to action. Consider these statistics: […]

What Is Citizen Journalism? (+3 Methods To Get Began)

Citizen journalism, also referred to as collaborative media, or grassroots journalism, is a form of journalism where citizens are involved in the collection, reporting, analysis, and so on, of news. With so many people now with access to social media, the internet, and that are walking around with smartphones, people have more ways to share […]

5 Confirmed Methods to Convert Traffic Into Sales

The primary goal of marketing is conversion. There are a lot of secondary goals, such as brand recognition, but companies don’t survive unless people buy their products or services. Content marketing, like websites and blogs, is the best way to generate conversions in today’s digital marketing space. They start the conversion path that leads to […]

25 Methods to Promote Your Enterprise for Free [Infographic]

We’re obviously all about social media and digital marketing, but at the end of the day, our main aim is to help businesses maximize their promotional activities, and utilize every means at their disposal to boost awareness and success. With that in mind, this new infographic from contributor Angie Gensler caught our eye, with 25 […]

4 Ways to Use Marketing Ways to Boost Your Business

Have you ever tried to describe what marketing is and then struggled to give a concrete answer? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Marketing covers a vast range of activities and disciplines, making it a challenge to define. Download this post by entering your email below The American Marketing Association defines it as: “The activity, set of […]

9 Tremendous-Straightforward Methods to Personalize Your Emails

Personalization is one of the biggest trends of online marketing right now. Whether it’s personalizing websites, or social media content or emails, more and more marketers are trying their hand with using customer data to send relevant emails. In this article, we’ll cover nine simple ways to personalize your email marketing campaigns, increase subscriber engagement, […]

2 Nice Methods To Rapidly Improve Writing

When you sit down to brainstorm your next book, you may not ponder the accusative case and how it could influence your story. However, the accusative case is a hidden gem for great writing. Who knew English class could help you up your chances at hitting that bestseller list? In this article, we’ll review what […]

Money Down The Drain: 7 Surprising Ways You Might Be Wasting Money

It seems everyone is on a budget these days. You may have had reasons to reconsider your spending during the pandemic, perhaps due to illness, missed work, underemployment, or unemployment. This article will address seven unexpected ways you may be wasting money and give you tips on what to do about it. Unanticipated Ways You […]

7 Methods to Make Cash With Your Email Checklist in 2023

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression – “money is in the list.” And it’s true. Email marketing has a tremendous ROI, and we’ve got multiple case studies that prove it. What’s also true is that there isn’t just one way to make money with email marketing. There are many. And I’m about to share them […]

3 Methods They Help You Stand Out

Have you ever chatted with a friend and listened to them tell you how much they loved the last book they read? Without realizing it, they were giving you a testimonial. If you’ve been in the world of books for any period of time, you likely understand the importance of word-of-mouth marketing. Testimonials are one […]