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AI Marketing Assistants: How Virtual Assistants Are Altering The Recreation

Welcome to a world where AI virtual assistants like ChatGPT are ready to serve customers 24/7. These digital genies are making lives a whole lot easier for everyone. From automating routine tasks to delivering personalized marketing experiences, virtual assistants are helping companies achieve their marketing goals. In 2021, the global Virtual Digital Assistant (VDA) market […]

Google Search Provides Digital Try On Fashions

Google announced it is rolling out a feature to try on clothing and products on models virtually. This virtual try-on uses generative AI to show you clothes on a wide selection of real models, Google said. Google is also releasing new filters for apparel results. The virtual try-on is pretty cool, Google said its AI […]

The Role of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Marketing for 2023

Home Business Magazine Online Overview of VR and AR Technologies Importance in the marketing landscape Imagine browsing a clothing store online. You can see how the clothes look on you before making a purchase. Or, you could envision attending a virtual product launch. This would allow you to explore a new gadget in a fully […]

Guide to Real Estate Virtual Tours: Answering All Popular Questions

Home Business Magazine Online Since VR technology entered the real estate industry, professional agents are implementing it more and more into their practice to put them one step ahead of competitors. Virtual tours are a new-gen way to showcase, promote, and sell commercial and residential property. Whether you’re in the market for a new home […]

Virtual Event and E mail Concepts for Groups

As industries continue to shift toward remote and hybrid workspaces, genuine employee engagement becomes a challenge. And with 16% of US companies already fully remote and 36.2 million workers expected to telecommute by 2025, some employees may feel isolated with the lack of human interaction typical in an office environment. But all is not lost. […]

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Marketing

Innovations in the digital marketing realm continue to advance at a rapid pace these days, providing marketers with new possibilities and tools to reach customers in more profound and memorable ways. While AR and VR are not entirely new to marketing, these immersive experiences are getting better and better, with artificial intelligence (AI) now helping […]

Planning Profitable Virtual Events | Twilio SendGrid

Virtual events are a convenient and cost-effective way for professionals to connect all over the world. With the virtual events market forecast to reach $366.5 billion By 2027, elevating your virtual events should be a core business strategy. Email marketing is an essential promotional tool to reach audiences for your virtual event no matter where […]

5 Methods to Create Enjoyable, Participating Virtual Events

Virtual event engagement has become a top priority for event organizers worldwide as organizations turn to online platforms to connect with audiences. Whether an event marketer, nonprofit founder, or academic director, chances are you’ve hosted a virtual event recently or will. Think back on the best in-person conferences or seminars you’ve attended. What made them […]

How to Host Accessible Virtual Occasions

Work culture has evolved rapidly in recent years. And with this progression, more opportunities for remote meetings, conferences, and other virtual events have emerged. Online events save companies time and resources and extend reach around the world. Plus, unlike with in-person events, virtual events attendees can tune in from their homes or wherever they have […]

Measure the success of your digital occasion

Virtual events can be as much of a boon to your organization as in-person events, bringing with them added benefits like wider reach and cost savings. Plus, with online events, there’s no need to limit attendance to how many people can fit in a location—or even to pay for that location. But to feel like […]