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The Top 10 Stress-Free Social Media Planning Tools

In the vast foggy sea of digital marketing, your social media planning tools can light the way forward. As social media sailors ourselves, we’ve navigated uncharted waters, and know that it requires more than luck to get to where you want to go. Without the right tools, you’re bound to get lost at sea. That’s […]

The Position of Social Media Planning in Your On-line Presence

Social media planning has become an essential part of nearly every brand’s marketing agenda. And for a good reason. Social media usage continues to be one of the most popular online activities. In fact, in 2021 over four billion people were using social media around the world — a number set to increase to nearly […]

Planning Profitable Virtual Events | Twilio SendGrid

Virtual events are a convenient and cost-effective way for professionals to connect all over the world. With the virtual events market forecast to reach $366.5 billion By 2027, elevating your virtual events should be a core business strategy. Email marketing is an essential promotional tool to reach audiences for your virtual event no matter where […]

Twitter’s Planning to Prolong Long-Form Tweets to 10k Characters

Have you noticed those super-long tweets, hidden behind the ‘Show more’ indicator, appearing in your Twitter feed? Want to see even longer tweets? If you answered yes, you’re in luck, because Elon Musk says that longer long tweets, up to 10k charactersare coming soon to the app. To recap, the current long-form tweets, now available […]

Microsoft Planning Major High quality Enchancment For Bing AI Chat On February twenty third

A major quality improvement should be coming to the new Bing AI Chat feature on Thursday, February 23rd, said Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft (see LinkedIn). Mikhail Parakhin posted this on Twitter this weekend, saying, “Next week is going to be big. Major improvements in the quality of New […]

Google Is Planning To Include Chatbot Options To Its Search Engine This Yr

We’re all used to Google telling us how to rank well, how to produce good content for people and give them good experiences. It was then that ChatGPT arrived in full force, showing endless possibilities to create content in different ways and changing the future marketing trends. In a way, Google didn’t care so much, […]

Twitter Publishes 2023 Marketing Calendar to Help with Marketing campaign Planning

Looking to map out your content calendar for the year ahead? This will help – Twitter has published its annual events calendarwhich highlights all of the key dates and celebrations that you need to keep in mind in your planning. The interactive calendar provides a solid overview of important dates, which could assist in your […]

Planning for 2023: Twitter Posting Suggestions

Looking for ways to improve your social media marketing performance in 2023? Over the first few weeks of the year, we’re publishing a series of tips and notes on how to maximize your efforts, including pointers on new tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, and how these evolving apps can assist in your content planning process […]

The Value of Personal Financial Planning for Business Owners

Home Business Magazine Online Whether a small or large business owner, you must plan your finances through a financial business plan to run a successful and profit-making business. Financial planning through a financial business plan outlines your current financial position, objectives, and strategies you’ll execute to attain those goals. It also shows your debts, current […]

Begin Planning Your Summer Email Campaigns

I don’t know about you, but I love summer. From flip-flops and shorts to barbecues, summer is my jam. But it’s also the time of year when a lot of consumers check out. Maybe they’re on vacation in the Caribbean, off the grid backpacking through the Sierra, or outside playing in a soccer league. Whatever […]