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Empowering Employees to Build Their Personal Brands on LinkedIn (+ Why You Ought to)

Many of the companies generating buzz on social media right now likely all have something in common: it’s not just their brand accounts posting great content, but their employees too. That’s particularly true for businesses and employees active on LinkedIn. According to the network-building platform, content posted by employees is seen as three times more […]

Publish Your Personal Essay: 22 Magazines and Websites

Writing is a solitary act, but the importance of sharing your work can’t be overlooked. A personal essay can endear you to an audience, bring attention to an issue or simply provide comfort to a reader who’s “been there.” Journalists might find it difficult to steer away from research rituals to talk about themselves, but […]

How to Build a Personal Model (Utilizing A Easy Framework)

In a study to understand why certain individuals (called “Visible Experts”) suddenly rose to become top voices in their fields, Hinge Marketing found that most of them were no more skilled or talented than others in their profession. What did make them different was how they communicated their work. At its core, that’s what personal […]

What is the Level of a Personal Brand? Easy methods to Harness the Energy of Personal Branding

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Once you understand the power of personal branding, I guarantee you will want to leverage it to propel your business. Having a strong personal brand can open infinite doors and create opportunities for you. A well-crafted personal brand helps entrepreneurs establish credibility, attracts investors and enables professionals […]

3 Steps to Use LinkedIn to Develop Your Private Model

If you’re looking to grow your career, make connections with people in your industry, and build a personal brand, you should be on LinkedIn. To get a little personal, nothing has been more valuable to my career than building a platform on LinkedIn. It’s difficult to get a remote job when there are many people, […]

Sam Michelson On CRM, Companions, Drip Campaigns & Private Conversations

In part one, we spoke about who Sam Michelson is and his business development techniques. In part two, we dive into CRM software and how they use it, including looking at a new piece of software for partner management. They use software for client task management but said they really need good partner software. Sam […]

6 Steps to Create a Personal Budget The Ultimate Guide

6 Steps to Create a Personal Budget – The Ultimate Guide 6 Steps to Create a Personal Budget the Ultimate Guide. Paying our expenses and surviving paycheck to paycheck is all too common for many of us. It’s not surprising that so many individuals have financial difficulties since it might be hard to understand where […]

5 Predictions About The Way forward for Personal Branding

Personal branding has become an increasingly important aspect of successful career growth. It’s a big part of why we created social proof, our series tackling the topic. We interview amazing individuals with different goals who grew their brands on social media to further their career and business prospects. Thanks to social media, individuals have more […]

The Value of Personal Financial Planning for Business Owners

Home Business Magazine Online Whether a small or large business owner, you must plan your finances through a financial business plan to run a successful and profit-making business. Financial planning through a financial business plan outlines your current financial position, objectives, and strategies you’ll execute to attain those goals. It also shows your debts, current […]