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Google May 1st Algorithm Replace, Moz Eliminated From Google Search, Google Ads Security Report, New In Microsoft Advertising & Extra

This week in search, we had another unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update that touched down in a big way on May 1st with a lot of weirdness the week prior. Moz’s home page was removed from Google Search for a 12 hour period after a fraudulent DMCA takedown request. Google is dropping support for […]

Bringing Product Advantages Can Be Higher Than Feelings In The search engine optimisation Title, A Moz Study Reveals

Have you ever wondered if customers are more likely to click on organic results with headlines that include words like “free” or “best value”? Moz, one of the best SEO benchmark and planning platforms out there, did an internal study called “Commercial vs. Functional vs. Emotional: A Case Study on Page Title SEO Testing” to […]