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Microsoft Bing Search Snippets With Video Thumbnails

Bing Search is showing playable video thumbnails in its search results snippets. When you hover your cursor over the video, it should preview the video but it doesn’t always do that. I spotted this via Shameem Adhikarath on X but I can replicate this as well. Here is what the snippet looks like, notice the […]

What Is Microsoft SNDS? | Twilio SendGrid

We all know how challenging it can be to determine the root cause of poor deliverability with a given inbox provider. However, Microsoft is different, providing powerful insights through its Smart Network Data Services (SNDS). Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Microsoft SNDS, including what it is, why you need it, […]

Fabrice Canel Of Microsoft Bing On Indexing High quality

Fabrice Canel is someone most of you who watch my videos already know, he has been with Microsoft for 26 years and is now the Principal Program Manager at Bing. He has been working on search since the very early days of MSN search, but even before that in 2001, he worked on internal search […]

Microsoft Desires Bing On CarPlay & Android Auto

It seems Microsoft would love to have the Bing app on Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. Technically, it does not seem to be an issue with Microsoft Bing making the app work on CarPlay or Android Auto. It might be an issue with Google and Apple approving the app to work in cars. Mikhail […]

Configuring Microsoft pubCenter

The other day, I reported that Microsoft was sending invites to relaunch and expand Microsoft pubCenter, Microsoft’s AdSense alternative. So I signed up and was given access the other day and I wanted to share some screenshots of the screens. The first thing you get is an email saying “You’ve been selected from the waitlist.” […]

Microsoft Bing Search Exams Blue Highlighted Textual content In AI Chat Solutions

Microsoft Bing is testing highlighting portions of the AI ​​chat answer in blue, the one embedded in the Bing Search results. Bing Search started to test embedding its Bing Chat AI answers into the Bing search results two months ago and now Bing is testing highlighting part of the answer in blue. This was spotted […]

Microsoft Bing Automobiles For Sale “No Accidents” label

Microsoft Bing Search has cars for sale feature that shows cars they have listed in the Microsoft Autos site. Now, Bing is showing a green label named “No Accidents” for cars they can verify have no accidents reported for that VIN. Shameem Adhikarath spotted this and posted it on Twitter but I can replicate this […]

Microsoft pubCenter Trying To Broaden & Relaunch?

Microsoft might be looking to expand it Google AdSense alternative, Microsoft pubCenter to more publishers. I believe Microsoft pubCenter might try signing up smaller publishers. Menachem Ani saw a pop up in the Microsoft Advertising console that he shared on Twitter, the pop up is inviting him to sign up “to earn money from your […]

Microsoft Start Partner Label In Bing Chat Outcomes

A couple of months ago we reported that Microsoft may share revenues with publishers that help it create content for Bing Chat. It was under the Microsoft Start Partner program. Well, for the first time, I am seeing a Microsoft Start partner label in the Bing Chat results. This was posted on Twitter and Mikhail […]

Microsoft Advertising Introduced Adverts For AI-Powered Chat

Microsoft Advertising announced a new ad solution for AI-powered chat experiences and solutions. Microsoft said this is a new way to help monetize online services, apps, and publishers monetize chat platforms. To be honest, it is not 100% clear what this ad solution will look like or how to use it. But Microsoft wants everyone […]