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9 Methods to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page in 2024

LinkedIn may not be the world’s sexiest social media platform, but if you’re in the business of, well, business, it’s an essential place to be. Even though it’s not the biggest network, nor the one with the largest reach, it still has a huge global audience and clocks in as the most trusted social media […]

How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Messages for Enterprise

No offense to personal LinkedIn messages, but company LinkedIn messages are a game changer. Unlike those junky DMs that pile up from guys you went to high school with who now sell questionable nutritional supplements, LinkedIn company DMs are a super helpful professional communication tool. When you enable company messages on LinkedIn, users can directly […]

Tips for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

The language of digital advertising can be confusing: ROI, UTMs, CTRs… One particularly common question is: what exactly is the difference between a boosted post vs ad on social platforms? It’s a bit of a tricky one to answer because boosted posts are technically a form of social advertising. However, they are created, promoted, and […]

I Posted LinkedIn Carousels for a Week – Here is What Occurred

In our article on the best type of content to post per platform, we discovered something interesting: LinkedIn carousels get the third highest engagement after videos and images. Perhaps more interestingly, we also discovered that LinkedIn is the social media channel where we saw the smallest difference between the various media types. For example, video […]

How I Repurpose Weblog Content into LinkedIn Posts to Expand My Attain

If you’re publishing quality blog content, you’re also creating ideal content for LinkedIn — you just need to learn how to repurpose it. I’m Irina, a Growth and SEO Advisor, and I help companies grow their visibility with inbound marketing. During the last eight years, I’ve helped well-known SaaS companies (like Hunter and Aura) grow […]

2024 LinkedIn Demographics That Matter to Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re trying to get new clients, get quality job applications, or build brand awareness, LinkedIn is the place to be for B2B marketers. Over 1 billion business people use LinkedIn, making it the largest professional social network in the world. But how does your target demographic use LinkedIn? Is your target audience even on […]

LinkedIn Shares New Insights into How Public Group Posts are Distributed

Could LinkedIn groups be making a comeback? I mean, probably not. Long gone are the Halcyon days of robust LinkedIn groups, most of which have since been overrun by spammers and scammers looking to get attention at all costs, which has rendered most groups, and group notifications, as spam themselves. But maybe, there is a […]

51 LinkedIn Statistics You Have to Know in 2024

LinkedIn statistics are the finger on the pulse of the professional world. They give us a glimpse into the trends and behaviors of millions of working professionals. Plus, they help us understand the impact of LinkedIn on businesses and organizations that use the platform for marketing, lead generation, hiring, and more. As we enter 2024, […]

How These LinkedIn Creators Are Planning for 2024

2023 was a big year for LinkedIn and its top creators. The platform cracked 1 billion users, added and removed several key features (goodbye Carousels), and became a destination for many top creators. The LinkedIn team must have come away with many lessons as they announced some key pivots within the first month of 2024, […]

10 Finest LinkedIn Advertising Tools for Quicker Development

While many social networks saw business use decline in 2023, LinkedIn saw 5% business use growth. (Second only to the 16% business use growth of TikTok.) Hootsuite’s Social Trends Report finds that change in usage is driven by a renewed focus on ROI. LinkedIn is the platform of choice for many businesses looking to make […]