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Google Useful Content material Replace, Put up Google Core Replace Tremors, FAQ Wealthy Outcomes Drop, Search Console Merchant Center Reviews & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. We got another official Google ranking update, the September 2023 helpful content update. This week, we had our first post-Google core update tremors and fluctuations. After saying they would a month ago, Google also finally dropped the FAQ-rich results snippets. Google also surprised us by saying How-to rich […]

Google August 2023 Broad Core Update Absolutely Rolled Out

The Google August 2023 Broad Core update finished rolling out yesterday afternoon at about 4:03 PM ET. It took just over 16 days to roll out, kicking off on August 22, 2023, at about 1:30 pm ET and completing on September 7, 2023, at about 4:00 PM ET. Here is a screenshot of the status […]

Google August Core Replace Executed, Language Matching System Replace, Canonical Bug, Google Ads AI Disclosure & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. This week, I posted the big Google Webmaster Report – I hope it is helpful. The Google August 2023 core update finished rolling out last night and that core update had volatility earlier in the week, we reported on it early but it seemed to be correct. Google […]

Google August 2023 Core Replace Closing Wave Of Volatility?

We are expecting Google to announce that the Google August 2023 core update has been completed any minute now. But yesterday, I believe we saw another wave of volatility, maybe the final wave of fluctuations before Google calls this Google algorithm update as being done. The issue is that the tools are not picking up […]

Google Core Update, SGE Links, Search Console, search engine marketing & Local

It is time for the big Google Webmaster Report, the September edition. This past month, we finally had a confirmed update, the August 2023 core update that was announced on the 22nd but began being felt on the 25th. We also had a couple of unconfirmed Google updates. Google Search Generative Experience officially rolled out […]

Google August 2023 Core Update Volatility Continues

On August 22nd, Google released the August 2023 core update. We did not feel much of any volatility until a few days later, on August 25th. Then we had some movement on that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and then it died down for a couple of days, picking up again a few days ago. I […]

Google SGE Hyperlinks & Growth, August Core Replace, Emailing Google Hyperlink Spam, Bing, Ads, search engine marketing & Extra

This week, we continue to track the Google August 2023 core update, where we saw volatility last weekend and mid-week. Google Search Generative Experience gained links, expanded to India and Japan, added listen features, and shared some early feedback. Google said core updates do not impact the autocomplete search suggestions. Google Search Console added News […]

Google Says Core Updates Do Not Affect Autocomplete Search Predictions

Google said that core updates have no impact on what Google shows in the autocomplete search predictions or suggestions. Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison was asked about this and he said no, there is no impact. The question was asked by Tony Hill who wrote, “are the predictions in Google Autocomplete affected by Core Updates?” […]

Google Officializes the August Core Update: What Can We Study from the New Update?

It took a while, but Google has finally made the official announcement about the changes to its algorithm: the Core Update. Google’s aim with this major update is to further optimize search results for its users. We’ve been talking about this for some time now, anticipating the official confirmation of another update. Over the past […]

Google August Core Replace, Unconfirmed Updates, Bing Chat Knowledge Not In Webmaster Tools & Extra

This week I broadcast from Chicago where I cover the latest confirmed Google update, the Google August 2023 core update that rolled out a few days after that big unconfirmed update from the weekend. Google said a page does not need to be in the top ten results to be a featured snippet. Google said […]