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Microsoft Bing Search Snippets With Video Thumbnails

Bing Search is showing playable video thumbnails in its search results snippets. When you hover your cursor over the video, it should preview the video but it doesn’t always do that. I spotted this via Shameem Adhikarath on X but I can replicate this as well. Here is what the snippet looks like, notice the […]

Bing Search Testing Hiding URLs In Search End result Snippets

Bing is testing not displaying, hiding, the site’s URL in the search result snippets. Google has been testing this on and off for years and flip-flopping with that. But now Bing is doing the same – testing removing the full URL in the search results. This was spotted by both Frank Sandtmann and Shameem Adhikarath, […]

Google SGE Hyperlinks & Growth, August Core Replace, Emailing Google Hyperlink Spam, Bing, Ads, search engine marketing & Extra

This week, we continue to track the Google August 2023 core update, where we saw volatility last weekend and mid-week. Google Search Generative Experience gained links, expanded to India and Japan, added listen features, and shared some early feedback. Google said core updates do not impact the autocomplete search suggestions. Google Search Console added News […]

Google August Core Replace, Unconfirmed Updates, Bing Chat Knowledge Not In Webmaster Tools & Extra

This week I broadcast from Chicago where I cover the latest confirmed Google update, the Google August 2023 core update that rolled out a few days after that big unconfirmed update from the weekend. Google said a page does not need to be in the top ten results to be a featured snippet. Google said […]

Bing Chat NoSearch With Bing Disabled Being Examined

Bing Chat is now testing the nosearch feature, where Bing is disabled for Bing Chat responses. We first heard this was coming in early July but we were just waiting for a Bing Chat infrastructure update to happen before it was released. So I guess the infrastructure update is now complete and live, since Bing […]

Bing Webmaster Tools Nonetheless Does Not Have Bing Chat Information

Three months after Microsoft Bing promised to add Bing Chat data in Bing Webmaster Tools, we still do not have it. Yesterday I asked the Bing team, once again, for an update on this release, and I initially received a “nothing more to share” statement, so I wrote this up at Search Engine Land, saying […]

Lance Bachmann Adjustments In Native Search, Apple Bing & The Recession

In part one with Lance Bachmann, we spoke a lot about business, growing a business and his passion for his employees. Then in part two we spoke about local SEO and how to get new customers, the right customers. Then in part three, we go more into how local search and search is changing. We […]

Bing Chat To Allow Pasting Pictures Into Question Field

Bing Chat will soon allow you to copy and image to your clipboard and paste it directly into the query or search box. This will make it faster than manually uploading the image to Bing Chat. Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft Bing’s CEO, said on Twitter that this feature should be live on Monday, August 28th. Here […]

Bing Search Select Textual content To Search Bing Chat

We previously reported how Bing Chat lets you select text on the Bing search results to conduct another search. Now Bing is expanding that to also let you search directly on Bing Chat, not just Bing Search. This was spotted by Frank Sandtmann and he posted about it on Mastodon – I can replicate it, […]

Bing Chat Now Works On Chrome, Firefox and Different Browsers

This morning Bing Chat started to work across non-Edge browsers. That means, if you are logged into Bing, you can use Bing Chat on Chrome and Firefox and likely other browsers. We knew this was coming soon and it seems to have started to roll out Friday morning at around 5am ET. Try it in […]