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Web API vs SMTP Relay: How Ought to You Ship Your Email?

SendGrid’s Web API and SMTP Relay are the two primary methods of integrating with and sending email through SendGrid. You can think of their differences like methods of delivering a package: you could send a package in the mail, or you could drive it to the destination yourself. While the methods of delivery are different, […]

r/AMA Mods Cease Operating Celeb Interviews, as Reddit’s API Pricing Protest Drags On

It’s not just Twitter that’s dealing with user backlash as a result of data access restrictions. Reddit’s also looking to limit how its data can be usedby upping the price of its API entry points, which has sparked ongoing protests within Reddit’s user community, with many subreddit moderators maintaining strike action to oppose Reddit’s changes. […]

Apollo iOS App Shutdown Sparks Reddit Communities’ Protest In opposition to API Pricing Modifications

The popular iOS app Apollo, known for its seamless Reddit browsing experience, is being forced to shut down due to the escalating costs associated with the platform’s new API pricing. The announcement has sent shockwaves through the Reddit community, leaving both content creators and users concerned about the implications of this decision holds. On June […]

Twitter Provides Further API Access Tier to Tackle Pricing Concerns

With its recent API access cost increases causing much anxiety within the developer community, Twitter has come back with a new API access tierwhich will provide more tweet access for a more reasonable price. As highlighted above, the new ‘Pro’ tweet API offering provides developers with access to a million tweets per month, at the […]

Google Ads API Version 13.1 Now Out

Google has released Google Ads API version 13.1, and below is a list of what changed. The big changes include bid simulations retrievals, additional recommendation types related to shopping campaigns, and more. Version 12.0 was released in October 2022, Version 11.0 of the Google Ads API was released in June, and version 11.1 what in […]

Microsoft Fills Information Hole In Bing Webmaster Tools API

Microsoft has fixed the missing data in the Bing Webmaster Tools API. As a reminder, there was a bug that caused the Bing Webmaster Tools API to stop working, then Microsoft fixed it but about a weeks of data was missing. Now, Microsoft has filled the data gap with the missing data. Fabrice Canel from […]

Twitter’s Web site Was Down With API Entry Errors In The Longest Outage Of Elon Musk Era

Update 9;48 Twitter’s services appear to be restored Twitter’s website was down for about an hour this morning. Attempting to access the home page of Twitter.com returned an error suggesting that “your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint.” The Twitter app, however, appeared to be mostly functioning, though with some errors: […]

Webhook vs API: What’s the Distinction Between Them?

Webhook vs API—what’s the difference? As you become familiar with SendGrid’s services, or even those of many Internet companies, you’ll see the term “API” used a lot. Increasingly, you may also see someone mention a “webhook.” At SendGrid, we’ve consciously made a distinction between the two in our documentation and any time we write or […]

An replace on Twitter’s API adjustments and Buffer

We’ve had a lot of Buffer users reach out about Twitter discontinuing their free API access on February 9th, 2023. We want to reassure you that there will be no impact to Buffer on February 9th. This type of change is something we knew could be on the horizon. We have a longstanding, enterprise relationship […]

Google Ads Knowledge Lacking From Looker Studio Or Google Sheets with Google Analytics 4 API?

There are reports that in some cases you can be missing some of your Google Ads data and campaign information when you use the Google Analytics 4 API in conjunction with Looker Studio and/or Google Sheets. Diogo A. da Silva said on Twitter that if you are using the Google Analytics 4 API to report […]